Give color a try! (how to pair color in your outfit)

Selecting or matching colors for an outfit is an important initial step towards a perfect outfit. Bright, bold colors might seem intimidating and hard to master, but they are so much fun! And, if you stick to simple rules; you will have nothing to fear.

I know it is easy to keep going back to blacks, whites, and greys - I do that all the time on my lazy days - but do try to venture out. I promise it will be fun! And I am not suggesting you should go with bright colors for everything you wear in a given day or pick colors every day. No, not at all. Be smart. Too much of anything will ruin even the most elaborate outfit. Never forget that moderation is a key to any endeavor including fashion (maybe not high fashion).

Step one. Color Wheel. Yes, let's revisit the simple color wheel. Colors next to each other are called analogous, and the ones opposite of each other are called contrasting. So what, you say. Let me explain. If you have a blue dress and you want to pair it, you can go with analogous or contrasting colors. For analogous colors, you would select other colors on either side of blue. In our case, blue will pair well with blue-greens and blue-violets. You can also go with contrasting colors. Blue will go with red. This advice might sound bold but give them a try. I would even suggest printing out the color wheel and sticking it on the inside wall of your wardrobe. This way you do not have to think twice about matching or contrasting, and you will be able to focus on your options. I found a great website with many great examples -

Step two. Monochrome. This is an elegant option that is almost foolproof. Pick a color that goes well with your complexion and go for it! Select different shades of your favorite color and rock it. Monochromatic looks are on trend now, and it is a natural look to pull off. I found this website that has multiple options for monochrome looks -

Step three. Silver or gold are a not-so-bold but still amazing colors to add to any outfit. These colors are close to neutral but they do stand out making any outfit look more fashionable. A silver high heels or top can be an easy item(s) to throw on for a girls night out or a date. You will instantly transform any look into a fashion statement.

Step four. An easy way to use color is to add just one bright, bold item to a neutral outfit. Think of the most of an outfit as a base that does not need to stand out but to provide support for a color jacket, skirt, or shoes. Any of them can be a bold item that takes the whole outfit one step higher. An ideal example would be an all-black outfit worn with a bright jacket or shoes. I have a bright orange jacket which I pair with grey or black outfits. I always get compliments wearing this combo.

I hope this gives you some fresh ideas. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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