Four Staple Items To Buy This Fall: Stay Stylish and Be Practical

All the talk about the latest trends, stylish streetwear, and celebrities' sightseeings might shed little light (for some) on what to get this fall. To make your life easier and elevate this burden, I offer you a shortlist of must-have items to get this fall/winter season.


Leopard print is (again) in the spotlight this fall/winter season. If you love animal prints, I suggest a sexy pair of super comfy heels. Sarah Flint's shoes are fantastic; they offer additional arch support and a wider toe box for absolute comfort. Her Perfect Pump in leopard print is the shoe to splurge on this season.

If shoes seem like too big of a commitment, then go for a leopard print dress. Sezane has a lovely Auberie dress with a little room to hide extra calories we will consume during the holiday season.


When I think of flowery prints, Ted Baker is the first brand that pops into my mind. It has endless flower print possibilities, and this season the must-have Stela dress features beautiful golden and brown flowers on the black background.

If you sort of like an idea of flowery prints but want to start slowly, go for Sezane's Priscille Blouse. It is a beautiful vibrant blue color with a hint of flowers and sexy V-neckline.


Plaid tends to return almost every cold season. If you are looking for a new perfect blazer, then go for Everlane's The Oversized Jacket. It is made with 63% of Italian wool and hits a few trends this season. First, it has a plaid design. Second, it is inspired by menswear with strong shoulder pads and a relaxed fit. The quality, design, and price combination is the best on the market.

If you are in the mood for more drama, then Tanya Taylor's Melena jacket will be your best friend. Its form-fitting cut and bold design will make you a star in any setting.


A seasonal cardigan is a must-have to keep you warm and stylish. I love to pair a wool duster with a tank top or silk shirt. Banana Republic has a few good choices from classical oatmeal-colored Italian Wool-Blend Duster Cardigan to Purple Aire Duster Cardigan Sweater.

LEOPARD (from left to right): Sezane's Dress and Sarah Flint's Pumps

DARK ROMANCE (from left to right): Ted Baker's Dress and Sezane's Blouse

PLAID (from left to right): Tanya Taylor's Blazer and Everlane's Blazer

CARDIGAN: Banana Republic's Dusters

I hope these straight forward suggestions will make your next shopping trip that much easier. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.


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