Four Life Hacks For Busy Ladies: Always Look Your Best

During a working weekday, I rarely leave the house dressed to my satisfaction. Between trying to get myself ready and getting two toddlers dressed, fed, and prepared for a day, it is almost impossible to remember everything. There are always a few little things that pop up into my head as I drive away from home: forgot to apply lipstick, perfume, or put in earrings. At this point, I am either late for work or have a toddler who is late for a daycare. There is zero chance, I am turning back. And with slight disappointment in myself, I drive away to face the day.

After many such disappointing mornings, I had started to wonder how I could improve my morning routine. If only I could account for everything in my morning rush. But that seemed impossible to do. Then I thought: what if I create contingency plans! So what that I forgot to apply lipstick? - I have one in my handbag. So what that my heels gave me a blister? - I have a pair of flats.

Once I realized that some of my morning tasks could be done later in a day, and minor emergencies can be fixed by creating back-up plans, my life changed forever. I will share with you the busy-mom tricks that I use every single day.

Lipstick & perfume.

I do not know about you, but I always forget to apply perfume. I would get so busy thinking about many other things that perfume gets moved onto the "never-mind" list. Then, on my drive to work, I regret not spritzing myself.

The solution to the perfume problem was straightforward. I placed my favorite scent in my handbag. And now, I have it with me at all times. No matter how busy a morning gets, I can apply my fragrance whenever/wherever I have a second.

The same solution works for the lipstick problem. I do not have the time or desire to apply lipstick at home. I am running out of the house, and it is the last thing on my mind. Also, at that moment, I am still sipping my coffee or green juice, so applying lipsticks makes no sense. So I gathered most of my lipsticks and threw them into my handbag.

Aveda lipsticks are my favorite right now

Having lipstick in my handbag is better. If you apply lipstick at home, you most likely will forget to take it with you. Then there is no way you can touch up or reply the same one. Having a small cosmetic bag with lipsticks in your handbag gives you endless opportunities.


Have you ever regretted wearing heels half-way through a day? I have. I solved this problem by grabbing a back-up pair of flats and throwing them in my car. Then, if at any point, my day gets longer than intended or I no longer want to wear heels, I can quickly switch the shoes.

The opposite is true when I decided to wear flats for a day. I grab a pair of heels. Why? Sometimes I need to look extra polished or need to attend a dinner or drinks after work. All I need to do is switch my shoes, and I have a new outfit — an easy, simple solution to looking chic in a matter of seconds.


Another trick I learned through the years is to organize my accessories. At some point, I accumulated so many pieces of jewelry that if you asked me what I had, I would not be able to tell you. So I got a simple organizer that hangs in my closet with little see-through plastic pockets. It is not the most elegant solution, but it does the job.

Organizing my accessories reduced the time I spend selecting an item. I am all about saving time in the morning! It also clearly displays what I have and what gaps I need to fill. When I go shopping, I have a better understanding of what new item to get to improve my collection.

"A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life transforming." Marie Kondo.


I wear dresses a lot - at least three times a week. I cannot say that I love to flaunt my legs; thus, all my dresses are knee length or longer. But whatever leg I show must be perfect. And by perfect I mean I wear stockings. They make me look polished, add color, and shine to my very pale legs. Also, stockings are great at keeping it tight around my mid-section.

The trick is to stock up on tights. Find the brand that works for you, your legs, and provides support where you need it. Then get pairs in different colors; buy a few pairs of the same color. Stockings are a tricky thing; you never know when your child, pet, or an accident destroys a pair you put on. (my favorite brand is Mila Marutti (


Have you ever needed to "hide" or have a me-time in the middle of a crowded party? If the answer is yes, I have a simple solution - sunglasses. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag all the time. They should always be in your handbag. This way, you will never be caught off guard and can forever hide behind a pair of shades.

"They are seriously useful. I can sit in a show, and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice … At this point, they have become, really, armor," Anna Wintour.
My favorite Ray-Ban sunglasses

So to recap, my life hacks:

  • Perfume, lipstick, & sunglasses: place your favorite perfume, lipstick, and sunglasses in your handbag to never be caught off guard.

  • Back-up shoes: grab a back-up pair of heels or flats to be always chic and comfy depending on life demands.

  • Accessories: organize your accessories to avoid wasting time searching and to have a better understanding of what you might need.

  • Stockings: find your favorite brand and get a few pairs in different colors to always be ready no matter what life throws at you.

I hope you found my ideas useful and maybe give some of them a try. Or perhaps these will inspire you to create your life hacks that work for your lifestyle.

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