Five Thrilling 2021 Spring/Summer Styles You Need To Know

The exciting Spring-Summer season is upon us. I cannot be more thrilled for warmer weather, brighter colors, fewer layers, and exciting new fashions. We are all tired of being locked up at home. We crave fresh ideas, exciting music, and heart-stopping art. The bolder, the better, and we expect nothing less of the fashion world.

As we dive into the spring season, online stores are updating their inventories with fresh spring collections, featuring bold colors, exciting styles, voluminous sleeves, and daring designs.

The only word that comes to mind - Drama (mic drop)!

The upcoming season is proving to be one of a kind. Unique styles include hot pinks and lovely marigold yellows, daring cut-outs, puffed sleeves, and elegant bralettes. Embrace your inner rebel this season (on your terms, of course), and treat yourself to a few statement pieces to spice up your spring.

Exciting Designs

Puffed Sleeves are trending this season, stealing the show, transporting us into a magical wonderland of excitement and fun.

Full-length Dresses are perfect as ever. There are endless options of prints, designs, materials, embroidery, or cut-outs. Dear to be stylish, feminine, and ravishing!

Sweatpants are giving way to Wide Leg Pants that are dramatic in color and design. They are the most natural transition from WFH sweats. They are comfy yet on-trend, offering maximum style impact.

Bralette is the boldest piece in my mind. If you are comfortable with showing skin, enjoy this moment. This season is the perfect time to wear a chic bralette paired with jeans and an oversized blazer.

Blazers offer a myriad of styling options as daring as you want. Pair your favorite blazer with jeans, bralette, short skirts, shorts, or statement maxi skirts.

Exhilarating Colors

This season's colors are also delicious: hot pink, marigold yellow, sky blue, lavender, and pastel colors.

Go all out with a hot pink and black combination, or opt-in for a beautiful monochrome pastel look. No matter what you choose, these colors are bound to speak up!

  • Marigold yellow represents happiness, warmth, joy and conveys positive energy. It is the perfect color for a summer picnic, Sunday branch, stroll in a park, or play date.

  • Hot pink stands for love and femininity. Pink is the color to wear if you want to be noticed or reckoned with.

  • Sky blue represents calm, serenity, and peace. A blue monochrome look can help build trust and put your company at ease.

Smart Choices

And of course, there is no need to replace your whole wardrobe. Smart calculated purchases will transform your existing closet and fully prepare you for the season. Select a few essential items that will work with your basics to maximize the impact.

You can always decide on one statement piece like a purse, scarf, or shoes. Accessories and shoes are the perfect avenues to add drama and refresh your existing wardrobe with minimal expense.

It seems that no matter what you choose to wear, it must be bold, exciting, and most importantly, it must bring you joy. We are all tired of quarantine and same-old grey sweats. The spring-summer collections offer an escape, a path forward in search of better times and a brighter future.


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