Five Bulletproof Guidelines To Mix & Match Prints In Your Looks

Mixing prints sounds like a challenging notion, but it is not. And yes, I understand the reservations that many people have about mixing different patterns, but there are ways to avoid embarrassing combinations. Keep in mind that matching prints is a fantastic opportunity to express your style, so do not cut yourself short. All you need to know is a few basic rules, and you will always look stylish.

There are a few guidelines that you need to know to style patterns and prints successfully. They are easy to remember, and once you know what they are, there is no going back -- you become the master. Let's dive in!

Similar colors and tones

Option number one is to stick to similar colors and tones for a uniform, coherent look. Removing a color matching aspect will ease the process of pairing patterns. For example, if you have a navy blouse with checks in pastel blue & yellow colors, you could easily pair it with a pencil checks skirt that sports similar colors and tones.

Same print, different size

Option number two is to pair smaller prints with similar larger ones. It will create a nice contrast and add dimension to your look. This one is my favorite because I love floral prints and pairing smaller flower prints with larger ones is my go-to. Here, you can pair a dress with a delicate flower print with a coat or sweater that has a larger flower pattern.

Mix classic with edgy

Option number three is to mix classic and bold pieces in one look. Let's say you have a traditional black & white A-line polka dot dress; you could pair it with a trendy polka dot blazer creating a stylishly edgy look.


Fourth option is to stay monochrome. Select clothing pieces that are in the same color scheme. This outfit will look polished almost no matter what.

Invert color schemes

Fifth rule is to invert the color schemes. For example, a black skirt with white flowers will go well with a white blouse sporting black flower print. This one is a bulletproof and straightforward option.

Example: Similar colors and tones

Example: Same print, different size

Example: Invert Color Schemes

Example: Same colors; Same print, different sizes


My guidelines are for anyone who wants to wear more prints but does not know where to start. The above suggestions are the basics you can start with and then change and refine them as you see fit. Style has no limits, and if you want to be bolder, please go for it!

If you need more guidance, please do not hesitate to reach out :)



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