Fashion Aficionado's Guide to Spring/Summer 2019 Trends

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

For all the fashionistas who want to know the latest trends for Spring/Summer 2019, I present you with the summaries of Vogue and Cosmopolitan reviews of March fashion shows. I am a novice in the fashion blogger industry, but I have been interested in fashion since I can remember; my style is simple, classic, and chic with a pop of color.

As I was reviewing all the coverage of the fashion month, I found two interesting articles that covered in detail 2019 Spring/Summer trends. The first article is The 12 Definitive Trends Of Spring/Summer 2019 in Vogue by Ellie Pithers. The review provides an excellent assessment of the upcoming trends. My favorite one is the nude color movement. I love how simple and elegant the looks are; they are easy to replicate on a budget and can be a permanent staple in one's closet. Lace, crochet, fringe, and macrame made an appearance at a lot of fashion shows being worked into dresses, tops, and skirts. The author highlights the point that we should not be afraid of lace; it is now hip and sexy.

"A trend that first surfaced in the Cruise collections cemented its status for spring: lace is no longer a lunching lady, and now has “down with the kids” aspirations." The 12 Definitive Trends Of Spring/Summer 2019, Ellie Pithers.

My second favorite trend is different prints. Lots and lots of animal, flower, and abstract prints can be seen in Louis Vuitton's, Michael Kors's, and Balenciaga's shows. The below Dolce & Gabbana's dress with the full skirt and flowers is stunning! I want that dress! There were a few other trends, but I feel like we saw them last year: bows, color blocking, and shorts (I do not understand shorts).

The second article is Spring summer 2019 fashion trends: the fashion trends you need to know in Cosmopolitan by Jess Edwards. Here again, the author mentions bright neon colors and color blocking trends. Vivid colors dominated many runways from Christian Siriano, Henry Holland to Naeem Khan. The article also agrees on the crochet, fringe, and shorts movements for the upcoming season. There are a few additional items on this list: animal prints and hats. Specifically, the bucket hat showed up during Louis Vuitton's and Anna Sui's shows. Animals prints also had a strong presence in different colors or styles.

"The good news is that in 2019 we'll all care so much about protecting our faces from the sun, we'll be wearing a lot of hats! The bad news? Well, they'll be bucket hats. From the bizarre at Louis Vuitton, to the velvety delights at Anna Sui, this might be a divisive one." Spring summer 2019 fashion trends: the fashion trends you need to know, Jess Edwards.

After digesting all of this information, I concluded, dear fashionista, that if you want to look fashionable and trendy, you have to follow these three rules:

- Color is a must: whether you are buying just one item or going monochrome from head to toe, you will look stylish in neon colors matching many models on the runways.

- Lace is sexy. Forget that your grandmother used to wear lace and buy that dress with lace/crochet detail. You will look stunning and in-step with the times.

- Prints are powerful. Prints dominated many runways, and you will be on trend buying an animal print jacket or skirt.

So here we have it - the staples of the 2019 summer/spring wardrobe. Next time you hit a mall or your favorite brand's website, keep in mind the latest most significant trends and be ahead of everyone else this season.

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