Everlane Clothing Brand: Review

I like to be open-minded and try new brands to keep up with the latest trends, materials, and designs. Everlane has been on my list for a long time now; so, I decided to give it a try. I ordered a few pairs of shoes, two blazers, a dress, a top, and a large bag. I am very excited to share with you my experience and observations.

About Everlane.

Everlane launched in 2010 with an impressive goal of radical transparency. Founder and CEO Michael Preysman wanted to give consumers a detailed break down of a garment's price. From sourcing material to shipping, a customer can see a price tag during each step. Everlane wanted to be transparent about their final price while also delivering high-quality items. This notion attracted many people and turned them into avid followers.

In addition, Everlane is trying to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. The brand is trying to eliminate one-time use plastic from its garments. It is also focusing on recycling. The new line of outwear was created out of recycled water bottles. The brand is also trying to use recycled plastic in garments that have some plastic details.

To fulfill its goal of transparency, Everlane is working closely with all the factories ensuring that workers are treated fairly and the conditions are suitable for work. On its website, you can see where its factories are, photos of factory workers, and their work environments. There are detailed descriptions of these factories with information about materials, sources, and manufacturing processes.

Detailed Information Including More Info About A Factory

Everlane is one of the brands that is paving the way for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. Its goal is impressive, and I hope they will continue growing and finding ways to improve.

My experience ordering the items was seamless. I was able to navigate the site and easily add items to my cart. The shipping is free, which is fantastic! I waited about a week for my items to arrive. Once I knew what I was returning, Everlane gave me a few free options: shipping back or drop-off. I used the drop-off location near my house.

Now let's focus on the garments. I am very excited!

The Editor Heel: perfect black pair of heels made in Italy.

I loved these shoes! The heel's height is perfect at about two inches. I will be able to walk in these all day long. The material was of high quality (100% Italian Suede), and I could see fantastic craftsmanship. Unfortunately, I think these run a little bit large. I will try to size down half a size next time I order this style. Priced at $165.

The Day Crossover Sandal: perfect summer sandal.

The second I put these on, I thought - wow, these are soft and comfy. The design is perfect for the summer to wear with any dress or cropped pants. The leather feels very luxurious. I think I will try ordering these in a bigger size as they run a little small. Priced at $88.

Polka Dot Cami: a must-have classic.

This top is fantastic, but I think it runs large. I ordered my regular size, and I had plenty of room left - I will size down next time. It is made from "100% cupro: A more sustainable fabric, cupro is made from regenerated cellulose fibers." I liked that the top had a lining that felt soft against my skin. It was well crafted, yet reasonably priced at $45 (on sale).

Poppy Dress: fun orange summer wrap dress.

I adore the color of this wrap dress. It is an essential summer wrap dress that everyone needs. But, I was more excited about the dress before I had a chance to touch it. I did not like the material it was made from - 100% triacetate. After a little bit of research, I learned that triacetate is a synthetic fiber that undergoes an extensive chemical process. Although I loved the design and color, I was not thrilled with the dress's material. This one felt true to the size. Priced at $60 (on sale).

Blazers: a business casual look.

The Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer (black blazer, $135) is made with "100% Wool—GoWeave wool is spun in Italy, wrinkle-resistant, and astonishingly smooth", while The Wool Academy Blazerone (grey blazer, $150) is made with "62% wool, 38% nylon."

These two blazers are perfect additions to your business casual wardrobe. The price is better than fair. The cut and design of both blazers are exceptional; however, I felt like the black one fitted a bit loosely; the grey blazer was more tailored. They both have linings, clean cuts, and perfect designs.

The Day Square Tote: essential brown shopping bag.

This one is the classic you need if you do not have one like this. Again, made in Italy with beautiful craftsmanship. The bag is worth every penny - priced at $165. It is made with "100% Italian leather, unlined."

The Grey Blazer and Shopping Bag

The Polka Dot Top and Black Blazer

Orange Wrap Dress


Overall, I was impressed with the quality, design, and most importantly price. But I have to point out that, at this time, Everlane provides you with wardrobe basics. It is a great place to start if you are refreshing your closet or need new staple items. If you need a special occasion outfit or prefer dressier style (like I do), I would suggest trying something else.

P.S. Everlane just released new distressed denim capsule, and I had to order a pair of boyfriend jeans! Review will be coming :)

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