Fashionistas: Dresses Offer Endless Possibilities!

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

What can be more feminine, stylish, and exciting than a dress? Nothing! Patterns, full skirts, bright colors, ruffles, and lace create unusual combinations and inspiring outfits. If you are lucky enough, you might see a girl/woman twirl in her dress with a big smile on her face. There is something magical and inspiring about a beautiful dress that spreads joy, confidence, hope, and good cheer.

I have many dresses from short to long, from essential to fancy. More than half of them do great in the office and the rest I wear on an occasion. Any occasion will do whether it is a picnic, dinner, or drinks with girls. About half of my collection are bright dresses, some with flowers, others monochrome. The other half are nude/pastel colors or black about a knee length.

When I wear a dress, I feel stronger, happier, and ready to face the world. There is something about a dress that sets me apart from the most and makes me stand out; it gives me strength; it has magic. I do stand out in my office but in a good way; I see people appreciate the extra effort I put in (little do they know, that for me, wearing a dress is easier than pants/jeans/skirts).

Dresses are also extremely practical and comfortable. For one, you do not need to squeeze into tight pants. Two, your body has more freedom to move and breath. Three, you can have that dessert without fear ;)

As great as a dress is, do keep in mind a few things:

- The location: depending on where you are going consider whether the dress you picked is appropriate;

- The length, neckline, and shape: again, depending on the location, make sure that the dress is not too short, too tight, and the neckline is not too low;

- The material: many dresses are made of cheap cloth and can be somewhat see-through or clingy; critically examine your image in a mirror.

Another huge benefit to wearing a dress - it takes less time for me to dress in the morning. All I need is to select a dress and everything else falls in its place. I already know what accessories and shoes go well with that dress. The question is then do I need a jacket, sweater, or anything else to provide additional warmth. I am ready!

There are few tricks to wearing a dress the right way (according to my humble experience).

Stocking is a must unless it is unbearably hot outside. Nylons smooth skin surface, hide any discoloration, and help create a more polished look. I regularly hit or scratch my legs (while chasing kids), thus my love for stockings that cover anything the motherhood brings.

So many times I hear, but I cannot wear hosiery without ripping them 20 mins into it. I do not believe this. We are in a day and age when even stockings are being reinvented and improved. Try a few brands to find what works for you, financially and practically. I do notice that some stockings last longer than others. Try a few, find the best, and stick to them.

I have been buying SOFSY opaque microfibre tights (made in Italy and available on

The one time when I break the stockings rule is when I wear a long dress. If I feel like it is warm enough, I forego a pair of nylons. A long dress has an additional benefit - no need to shave legs. On any summer day when I have no time to shave legs but want to wear a dress, I pick any of my ankle-length dresses and vuala, and I am as beautiful as ever ;)

The dress shape is essential. A well-selected style can do wonders for anyone. The dress can hide or take away the attention from problem areas. It can also highlight our best assets. Do not get me wrong; I am not arguing for hiding out bodies - NO. I want to point out that certain styles do better with some shapes and not so well with others. I found this fantastic article that explains body shapes and what works for a specific one -

I hope that I have inspired some of you to try to wear dresses at least a few times a week or maybe start with once a month. People around you might look puzzled at first, asking: is there a special occasion? Are you going to a party after work? Do you have an interview scheduled? (i used to get these questions). But no worries, very soon they will realize that there is no need to have an excuse to wear a dress.

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