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Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Call me old-fashioned, but I have never shopped for clothes on Amazon.com. Something always felt wrong. A sheer amount of options caused me to doubt the quality of garments. I prefer to buy clothes from retailers who specialize, only, in clothing. I believe that when a store focuses on many different items, the shopper loses out on quality and originality. However, I decided to give Amazon a try. I thought that, just maybe, my ideas were ill-formed and that it was time to challenge them.

Shopping online on various clothing retailer websites has its limitations that Amazon does not have. For example, quick shipping; especially, since I have Amazon Prime. I place my order, and sometimes even before my credit card gets charged, I get my order. Having to see a box on my porch as soon as I open the door, makes my day! Totally, not a shopaholic. Quick shipping cannot be attributed to many retailers that make me wait for up to two-three weeks. This is the most annoying part. I bought an item because I fell in love with it. I spend my money and, now, have to wait a few weeks before trying it on. Torture, right?

Another benefit of Amazon is quick and pain-free returns. Amazon is fantastic when it comes to returns. As soon as I print the label and drop it off at the post office, I get an email notifying me that the return payment is being processed. This is by far the best feature! The money is almost instantly in your pocket and ready to be spent again. They nailed this part.

In addition, Amazon options are almost limitless. One can buy as many dresses and she wants, go through the ordering process once, and click pay. Amazon's check out is super quick! No need to fill out billing or shipping info or credit card number. Amazon made it super easy and convenient for you to spend your money. Just do not be under an illusion that they are doing it for you. It is done to make sure that you come back over and over again to enjoy the convenience and speed.

So with all these benefits in mind, I started to browse hundreds of dresses. No, thousands! 50,000 hits! I decided to focus on casual dresses under $200. Also, having a more conservative style, I decided to go with knee length or longer. Nothing sheer or too revealing. I picked different styles with various colors and patterns.

The first dress was Lark & Ro Women's Short Sleeve Patch Pocket Dress in Ivory Stripe. I figured it would be a lovely casual dress that I could wear on weekends while chasing my kids. To my disappointment, as soon as I opened the bag, I smelled a strong chemical odor. The material was not what I expected. It was more of the stretchy work-out material. I was hoping for some blend of cotton. The pockets were a nice practical touch since I always have something in my hands or need quick access to tissue. As I inspected the back of the dress, I noticed that a zipper on the back was bulging creating waves. Overall, the dress did not work for me. With the price tag of $49, I was expecting a little bit more.

Lark & Ro Women's Short Sleeve Patch Pocket Dress in Ivory Stripe

The second dress was a Maggy London Women's Novelty Embroidered Sheath Dress. It was a light blue material with embroidered white flowers. The dress was running large in the bust area even though the rest of it fitted nicely. The V-neckline was cut too low for my taste. There was no smell, and the material was a nice blend of cotton. I presume that this dress will be a great option for hot summer days. I paid $148 for this dress, and, while the quality and design were decent, I do not think this dress worthed the money.

Maggy London Women's Novelty Embroidered Sheath Dress

The third one was Somedays Lovin Women's Searing Soul Midi Dress. It is a long yellow dress with red flowers. As soon as I put it on, I remembered my mother. In 1990, we lived in Russia and this dress reminded of my mom's house dress that she would wear while doing house chores. There was a beautiful detail on the back - lace up cinching. A great way to control how tight the dress wraps around your body. But the ties' ends were poorly made and looked cheap. The material had a cheap feel to it, but it was soft to the touch. The one downside of a soft material is that it clings to every imperfection. It would look lovely on a slim figure but will not create a flattering image for a fuller body. The dress costs $129.00 - too much for such poor quality and execution.

Somedays Lovin Women's Searing Soul Midi Dress

The fourth one was a Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore Women's Fifth Ave Tulip Dress. A beautiful red color dress with a flattering shape. I do appreciate a dress that has personality and adds to the whole outfit. I personally dislike flowy formless dresses as they hang on ones shoulders accentuating unnecessarily every body curve. Although the cut of the dress was perfect, I decided not to keep it. I felt that for the price -$108.00 - I could find something else I genuinely liked.

Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore Women's Fifth Ave Tulip Dress

The fifth dress was a findersKEEPERS Women's Continuum Sleeveless Flare Stretch Crepe Midi Sheath Dress. This one was an exquisite simple dress. I felt like the dress was cut individually for my body measurements. Even though the dress fitted like a glove, this one was not my style. I could not picture an event to which I could wear it. The price tag - $155.00 - was an excellent match to the quality and design.

findersKEEPERS Women's Continuum Sleeveless Flare Stretch Crepe Midi Sheath Dress

Overall, I was not impressed with the selection and quality that Amazon offers. I did not want to keep a single dress. For me, none of the dresses worth the money either due to material quality, cut, or design. At the similar price, I can find more interesting pieces either at full price or on sale.

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