Ditch Fashion Trends: Find Your Inner Stylist

The fashion world is an exciting and creative universe with its own rules, goals, and ambitions. I love to pour over the latest looks, trends, and designers, but I always have to remind myself not to get carried away. The clothing of high fashion is out of my reach and has little to do with my daily ordeal. I do not need to stroll the streets or escort my kids to a playground in a fantastic but impractical, expensive look.

What works for me and what I need in my wardrobe is vastly different from high fashion Instagram posts. And I think most people get caught up in fancy designers' photos forgetting to understand the most critical idea:

high fashion trends are NOT for everyday styles.

We most certainly can draw inspiration, but we should stay grounded, understanding that the key to looking fabulous is discovering materials, styles, and brands that work for our bodies.

Do not get discouraged by professional photos and reach for your yoga pants thinking there is no chance in hell you can look that great. Wrong! You can look better! There is a way to achieve effortless styling by learning what works for your body and budget.

I want to examine a few trends that I avoid, as well as what I wear instead.

Cropped tops.

Cropped tops might seem like a sexy fun thing to wear, but is it? Maybe on a runway to make a statement but not in real life. When I get dressed in the morning or for a fun evening, the cropped top is the last item on my list.

These tops rise up! They require constant monitoring because I would not want to flash anyone. I can never eat as much as I want. And I would not feel comfortable showing that much skin in a public space, which is not a beach.

A better and more practical option is a white t-shirt. You can dress it up with sexy heels and a blazer.

Ugly Sneakers.

I am not sure how something so ugly became a trend, but my guess is it catches people's eyes and Instagram's likes. But ugly dad's sneakers have no place in my closet.

The better alternative is neutral color sneakers that are comfy, work with many outfits, and will not make you look dated. My favorite sneakers that I wear most are Everlane sneakers by Tread.

Biker Shorts.

Here is another absurd idea - biker shorts! Who came up with this ridiculous idea. It is bad enough people wear yoga pants like they are casual wear. Now I need to endure biker shorts that should be worn only while cycling!

High-rise wide-leg pants can be a great alternative that works for many body types. It is classic, slimming, and everyday appropriate whether you are heading to grab drinks or kids.

And yes, this could sound like a very safe and boring wardrobe, but it is not. My wardrobe has a perfect selection that allows me easily to pull together outfits for day or night. I can style classic or more exciting looks, and I do not have to blow my budget or wear something uncomfortable, ridiculous, expensive, or impractical.

Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Wardrobe.

If you want to have more drama, think about purchasing a statement blazer or jacket. Blazers have a special place in my heart. I love to throw on an oversized statement blazer that instantly kicks my look into a higher gear.

If you are a shoe person, purchase a few statement flats, heels, or sneakers. They are the easiest and the most effective way to elevate any look.

I hope you enjoyed this read and happy styling,



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