Brand Review: All Year Round (AYR) Brand (My Second Review)

Hi, Friends!

It is not a secret that I am a massive fan of the All Year Round clothing brand ("AYR") based in Los Angeles. Their pieces are timeless, chic, and easy to wear. Every time I wear AYR's Jeans, Tees, or Robe, I feel confident and comfortable - these two qualities are priceless in my book.

A few months ago, I decided to try a few new-to-me items. The fall season was approaching, and I wanted to try AYR's The Hi-T Turtleneck, The Deep End Shirt, The Must and The Chiller Jeans.

I am always on the lookout for a stylish turtleneck. There is something sexy and mysterious about its silhouette that leaves others guessing about what is hidden under it. The turtleneck is always classy and appropriate - no matter where I am, I cannot go wrong wearing one.

My jeans search is also never-ending. I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair that I will love year after year. Sadly, I have to admit that I do not have an all-time favorite pair yet. I've tried different cuts, materials, and fits, but I have yet to find that perfect pair that I will repurchase.

The Hi-T Turtleneck

Enough of my shopping struggles; let's dive in! Shortly after I placed my AYR order, I received my special package.

I decided to start with The Hi-T Turtleneck. I ordered the Hi-T in extra small - AYR sizes tend to run large. The item retails for $125 on AYR's website. It is made with viscose and nylon. I will admit that these are not the most desired materials, but I very much liked the turtleneck's style and fit.

The Hi-T was light enough to be layered but also thick enough to hold its' own. It was fitted but not constraining. I was happy with my selection and knew right away that I would keep the turtleneck.

The Must Jeans

I then tried the Hi-T with the jeans I ordered. The first pair was The Must jeans. The jeans retail for $225 and are made primarily with cotton.

I was very much looking forward to trying them. I have been on the hunt for the perfect wide-leg jeans for a few years now. However, the second I put them on, I knew that these were not it.

On my body (I am 5' 4), the length did not look right. The jeans should have been either shorter for a cropped look or longer for an edgy style. But as they were, it was a no-go.

Overall, the jeans are amazing. They are comfortable and stretchy with impeccable execution and design.

The Chiller Jeans

I then tried the skinny jeans - The Chiller. They retail for $195 and are made primarily with cotton. These were a hit! They were stretchy, comfy, and sexy. I could easily bend, sit, and move around - these were keepers.

The Deep End Shirt

I then tried The Deep End shirt. It retails for $125 and is made with 100% cotton. I loved the material and design, but it was too big (even though I ordered it extra small). While I could make it work at the front, the back had too much material, even for an oversized look.

Overall the shirt feels amazing, softly draping the body. It is stylish and very much in style right now. The shirt is great if you love an oversized fit.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience and impressions were positive. I liked the fact that AYR had no tags on their clothes. It made trying on things that much easier and more comfortable. There was a slight factory smell, but it did not linger. And I appreciate that clothes looked exactly as they were pictured and made with high-quality materials and attention to detail.

I kept the Hi-T turtleneck and The Chiller Jeans but returned the rest. The return process was quick and straightforward. I used AYR's online form to request a return, received a return label, and dropped off the shipment at my local postal office. The refund came in a week later.

I have to say that AYR is an honest brand that is working hard on its products while servicing its customer with care and attention. If you are on the market for simple chic yet stylish pieces, give AYR a try. There is nothing to lose but lots to gain.


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