Brand Review: Sustainable Mongolian Cashmere, Naadam

Have you heard of Naadam?


Where have you been?

Naadam's promotional video is the cutest thing ever. Check it out. It is educational, features baby goats, and tells the story of Naadam's inception as well as its sourcing, processing, and manufacturing processes.

The brand offers a wide range of women's and men's cashmere and wool sweaters, coats, tops, and accessories. All are made with Mongolian sustainable cashmere. There is a wide range of colors from classical to bold. Their signature sweater is $75, which is very affordable for a 100% cashmere item.

I decided to order a few items, including a few for my husband. The website was easy to navigate, and I had no issues ordering and paying for my pieces. The order arrived in about a week. The packaging was superb; each item was individually packaged. No chemical smell (rarity these days)!

My items.

I am a big fan of turtlenecks, and I could not not order one (Ribbed Turtleneck). The second I put it on, I fell in love. It is the softest cashmere ever. And so warm! I could not resist and kept it.

I also order two long cardigan-dress sweaters. And although I liked the design, I was a little worried about them stretching out around my thighs. I emailed Naadam's customer service about my reservation but did not receive a reassuring email. Sadly, sent these two back.

I got a few bulky sweaters, but they were too bulky for my taste. I felt like I was getting lost in all that material. I prefer fitted looks, so these, as good as they were, did not fit my style.

My Hubby's Items.

Men's items were impressive as well. Long sleeve sweaters and turtlenecks fit like a glove. I also got a Felted Wool Jacket that was made with 100% merino wool. It was casual yet stylish, making any outfit more polished. We decided to keep it (sale $175, original $250).


The return process was a bit of a struggle. The initial steps on the site were easy, but getting the refund back took a long time. And yes, I get it that it was a holiday season plus Black Friday sales. But it has been three weeks now since I sent all the items back, and I still have not received my money back.


Will shop Naadam again?

Probably Yes. The designs, craftsmanship, and materials are of the highest quality.

I am eyeing a ribbed cropped cardigan in white but sadly (happily for my wallet) they do not have my size.

I do believe that the brand is trying to deliver affordable sustainable well-made clothing to everyone, while also focusing on local communities.

Happy shopping Dears!


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