Brand Review, Prose: Luxurious Soft Hair Every Time

Taking care of long hair is not an easy task. I need extra time to wash it, blow-dry, style, or braid it. No matter where I am going, my hair requires attention and time.

About once a week, I blow dry my hair to straighten it and give it volume. Also, I color it every four months. Not surprisingly, my hair is damaged and dry. It has lost a healthy shine, durability, and softness.

For years now, I have been looking for a product that can solve not one but most of my hair problems. Recently I decided to give Prose a try. The brand promises customized hair solutions that address multiple issues at a time. Bingo! This is precisely what I needed.

When I visit the website, I filled out a short survey about my hair and what I am looking for, basically my hopes and dreams. In the end, I was given a list of preferred products that should help restore my hair's structure, shine, and softness.

I ordered a hair mask ($38), shampoo ($25), and conditioner ($25). It took about two weeks to get my customized products.

Next time in the shower, I decided to give it a try. I started with the mask and followed instructions to a T. The product smelled divine, but it was hard to tell what it was doing.

After, I followed up with the shampoo. I was happy to discover that this shampoo was very soapy. I did not have to use a lot of product to cover all my hair. A few pumps were enough.

I finished with the conditioner. It had a pleasant smell and covered my hair nicely. As soon as I started to wash it off, I felt a change. My hair was not as dry as before. I could feel softer and smoother strands.

I was getting a bit excited!

I let them air dry a little before starting to style. I did not add any other products. How delighted was I to discover that my hair felt smooth and soft. It stayed luxurious and full as I was styling them.

I think Prose delivered on most of its promises. My hair and scalp felt amazing. I am not sure I saw more shine, but I experience smoother, softer, and fuller hair after I finished blow-drying it. My hairbrush had fewer hair strands than before.

I think considering Prose's reasonable price, and the product is well worth it.

However, I do need to make a note. My hair felt different when I did not blow dry it. I washed it and let it air dry. I noticed that it was hard to brush my hair; many strands were tangled up together - my usual problem. Also, hair ends were dry, just like before.

I am thinking of emailing Prose to see if they can adjust my formula based on my feedback. I will report back if they do.

Meanwhile, I will continue using the product as it does make my hair soft, full, and luxurious.


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