Brand Review: Perfect Retro T-Shirt, MONOGRAM

The hunt for the perfect t-shirt is never-ending, at least for me. I am eager to try new styles and brands in hopes to discover a tee that is not too tight, too boxy, too long, too short - the list goes on and on. I recently stumbled upon a brand Monogram. Its tees are known for unique vintage designs and a promise of a great fit. I tried them out, and now, I will share with you my observations.

Monogram has an impressive goal of creating the perfect retro t-shirt that has an excellent feel, look, and fit. A small challenge to accomplish, right? Wrong!

"We created MONOGRAM to capture the spirit of wearing your most-loved t-shirt or sweatshirt, and to celebrate people who wear graphic in interesting and unusual ways." MONOGRAM

The website has a clean and straight forward design. I loved all the photos, and the way tees were styled - models looked at ease, classy, comfortable, and edgy. I immediately wanted to join the club. I am a sucker for all things pretty. I could see myself styling these with jeans, wide-leg pants, and skirts.

After browsing the site and sorting through many options, I ordered four t-shirts in classic and profile fits as well as a grey classic fit sweatshirt. From the start, my most loved t-shirt was "Creme de la creme." There was something nostalgic and familiar about the phrase.

When I got my order, I rushed to open it. Once I did, I saw carefully individually packed t-shirts in Monogram's tissue paper. Nice touch! I eagerly unpacked them all to check out the graphics, fit, and material - I was pleasantly surprised. The tees had a nice feel and perfect craftsmanship. Made in the USA. I could image the hard work that went into designing these, and I appreciated it.

I decided to shot a short video styling the tees with skinny jeans and a maxi skirt. Check out YouTube video.


  • Le Weekend (classic fit, cotton, $65)

Le weekend shirt has a fantastic graphic with three pastel colors "painted" across the front: pink, purple, and blue. The phrase "le weekend" is written across the middle on a purplish brush stroke. The material is super soft and the tee easy to style without any bulging around the waist.

I loved the length that hit perfectly at the top of my hips. The sleeves can be rolled up to create an edgier look; I could see styling it with jeans, shorts, or skirts. Throw on a jacket or blazer for cooler fall days.

  • Seashell with pears (baby fit, cotton, $85)

Seashell tee had more of a vintage feel and look. The material was soft but thin and slightly see-through. When I was looking on-line at the "pearls" on the tee, I found them lovely. But when I saw them in person, they looked a little bit cheap, and there were too many of them.

I would pass on the tee due to thinness and an overwhelming number of pears. But the fit and material quality are still good, so if you are into this design, you are all set!

Seashell with pears (baby fit, cotton, $85)
  • Creme de la creme (classic fit, cotton, $65)

Creme de la creme shirt was my favorite because of its graphic. This t-shirt was well designed like the rest. I could see styling it with boyfriend jeans or midi skirt. This white tee will work well with almost all colors, patterns, and materials.

  • Chic freak (profile fit, cotton, $65)

Chic freak had a different fit with a thicker material that was creating a little rolls around my waist. I tucked it in but still was not able to lie material perfectly flat. I also tried wearing it out, which made the fit better (no more tiny bulges).

This t-shirt had a thinker material suiting better for the fall season. The sleeves were tighter, hugging my arms tightly. I could style this tee with darker skinny or straight jeans, throwing on a pair of high heels.

  • Bullshit sweatshirt (new classic fit, cotton, $78)

I got the sweatshirt because to this day I cannot find the perfect grey sweater. And sadly this was not it either. I felt that it was bigger than necessary for the size, but it was incredibly soft.


Overall, I think Monogram offers a great product, and its classic tee is very impressive - a great addition to any closet! I see myself rocking Le Weekend tee every weekend and even hitting the office on Fridays wearing it. My favorite Creme de la creme will be seeing the world during a happy hour or museum trip.

Go check them out!

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