Brand Review: Minimalist MERIT Beauty

Hello, My Dear Reader:

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. I am trying to concentrate my attention and free time on my family and friends. I still have some shopping and planning for our New Year's party that we throw for our family each year on January first. But I still have enough time to make it happen.

Even though my mind and head are filled with holiday cheer and choirs, I still want to check in and share with you my thoughts on the latest beauty discovery. This post will focus on MERIT Beauty. MERIT beauty is new to me. I have only recently discovered their products, and I have to say they made a good impression.

I discovered MERIT accidentally while browsing the Sephora store in person. The brand has a minimalistic approach when it comes to products and packaging. At Sephora, I picked up MERIT'S Flush Balm (Flush Balm CHEEK COLOR).

I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the blush went on. My skin soaked it up while maintaining a fresh, healthy glow. I felt the blush delivered perfect amount of pigment without looking over the top.

I then researched more about MERIT beauty and decided to order a few additional items from their website:

It's not a foundation or concealer, but it’ll replace both in your makeup bag.

Made for daytime, this highlighter gives a dewy, balmy sheen with zero sparkle.

A slick of sheer color infused with rosehip oil and shea butter, for healthy lips all day.

Your go-to mascara for every day. It tints, lengthens and lifts lashes, with no smudging.

  • Because I made my order during Thanksgiving, I also received a cute bag

Of course, as soon as my package arrived, I could not wait to put my hands on it. Or, more precisely, put all the beauty products on my face. I swatched all the shades and was super excited to learn that all the colors work well with my fair skin. It is good to note that I have a fair skin color with oily T-zone and pink undertones.

Complexion Stick

I am a big fan of a minimalistic makeup look. I did watch the video posted on MERIT's site on how to use the foundation stick. I tried to follow the instructions and apply it only to conceal trouble areas.

Since I have oily skin, this stick formula works well on my skin. I easily blended it into my skin, mainly covering my T-zone since I tend to get a little bit red around my nose and mouth.

Highlighting Balm

After finishing the foundation, I go in with the highlighter. It is worth noting that this is a very subtle highlighter for a minimalistic look. If you are a fan of bright shimmer highlighters, this one might not be for you. MERIT's highlighter melts into the skin showing a natural healthy glow.

Flush Balm

After the highlighter, I follow up with the blush. The blush has a similar formula to the highlighting balm and seamlessly melts into the skin, leaving a healthy natural glow.


Next, I go in with the mascara. I love how naturally not over-done my lashes look. I get an instant lift and volume, but I still maintain a natural look. Lashes do not look overdone or clumpy. And mascara wears beautifully thought out the day without smudging or flaking.

Lip Oil

Last but not least - MERIT lip oil. It is delightful oil instantly smooths my lips, adding subtle color and shine. It feels lovely on the lips.

All the products feel so lush on my skin - they do not weigh down my skin, irritate it or make it look overdone. My skin still looks like my skin but much improved.


MERIT beauty is a great staple to have in my makeup kit. I appreciate no-fuss products and formulas that blend well, deliver on their promises, and work wonders. But keep in mind that the brand focuses on "no-makeup makeup" that provides minimal coverage. If you like full coverage makeup, this might not be for you.