Brand Review: Janessa Leone & My First Zoom Styling Session

COVID pandemic has been brutal on everyone, including small businesses. Mom and pop shops are struggling to survive. Small boutiques are having a hard time selling merchandise. And customers prefer the comfort of their homes instead of indoor retail shopping. Forced to deal with the sudden realities of online shopping, major retailers and small boutiques have started exploring alternative shopping experiences like one-on-one zoom appointments, live stream shows, and engaging virtual events.

About a month ago, I decided to test out the one-on-one zoom shopping experience. I had two objectives in mind. One, I wanted to find the perfect summer hat. And two, I wanted a one-on-one styling experience.

Full Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I am sharing my honest, unbiased review.

Setting Up My Styling Session

As I mentioned, I was on the market for a new summer hat. I have been following the Janessa Leone brand for a while now and figured it was time to give it a try. So I visited the brand's website and quickly scheduled a zoom call with an in-house stylist. I entered my contact information and immediately received the confirmation.

When I was scheduling the appointment, I was offered an option to leave comments. I put down that I was looking for a summer hat. I also shared personal facts about my face shape and head size.

Trying On Some Hats

At the appointed time, I joined the zoom call and was greeted by Breanna, a very professional and friendly stylist. We dove right into a pre-selected set of hats. As Breanna was trying them on, I could see the fit and overall dimension. She also shared details about hats, fits, and styles.

We went through six or seven hats. I did not realize how useful it was to see the hats live. During the quick presentation, I sorted out the hats into two piles: maybe and no. I ended up with two maybes.

As we were getting to the end of our call, Breanna asked me about my thoughts or last-minute questions. We quickly covered the following steps, with Breanna promising to send me more photos of the two hats I liked. And that was it!

I was pleasantly surprised that there was no pressure to buy. I enjoyed the conversation and learned more about the brand and its product.

After a few days, I made up my mind and splurged on a new summer hat (Jean). I emailed Breanna to let her know.

The shipping took only a few days. And that was perfect because I could not wait to try it on in real life.

I have to say that the online shopping experience was stressless. I also enjoyed the conversation and felt very safe. While online photos and videos are excellent, I learned that it is very different to see items being handled and tried on.

Brand Review: Janessa Leone

The Jean is fantastic. The quality and design are pure perfections. I like the wide brim that is slightly tilted down, offering more shade. The hat is also an exciting color (light grey), which adds a touch of fancy.

This particular hat is also packageable, terrific for travel (if I ever travel again).

Jean also offers sun protection with UPF 35+ rating. UPF is like SPF but for clothes. And the hats are made in the USA.


I do believe that wearing a hat is critical to protect the skin from sun radiation. Any hat offers shade and extra protection from UVA and UVB radiation. If you are not into hats, I suggest you try out different styles until you find what fits your lifestyle. The hat is also fabulous at elevating any look, whether it is a Sunday brunch or a day at the beach.

Online shopping is not a new concept and has been around. But the personal touch, face-to-face styling session, and thoughtful presentation are unique. I did enjoy my session and the undivided attention that I was getting. There were no interruptions, no accidental touches, or awkward pressures. I highly recommend giving the zoom shopping experience a try.


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