Brand Review: All Year Round [AYR]

I am very excited to share with you a few thoughts about the new-to-me AYR brand (pronounced 'air'). This is an NYC based brand that focuses on effortless classics that any wardrobe needs. Whether you are heading to a date, playdate, dinner, or office - AYR has the perfect option.

I know there is a number of brands that offer small but mighty wardrobe collections. I am not arguing that this is the only brand to shop for; simply pointing out that AYR has thoughtful and practical pieces that have a huge potential to become your go-to pieces no matter the weather.

AYR's items have no sparkles, bows, ruffles, or dramatic cuts and prints. Yet, they offer must-have designs, timeless silhouettes, quality construction, and effortless styles. No matter where you heading, AYR will not let you down.

I ordered a wide range of AYR items to try on and see for myself how the fit and design work for my body.

The Supercool & The Fizz

The Supercool and The Fizz tees are made with 100% Pima cotton featuring flattering loose-fitting designs. I particularly like the shoulder detail on the Supercool tee; it gives it a cool "kick." The tees are very simple, but that is by design. They do not scream or stand out, they are designed to complement and flatter.

The Bomb Pop & The Yes Yes Yes Jeans

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. And these two got very close to being perfect. The only reason I am not keeping these is the length is not working for me.

The Bomb Pop and The Yes Yes Yes Jeans fit true to size. They are stretchy which allows for comfortable movement and bouncy material does not lose its shape around my behind. Since the jeans are featuring some stretch, they are made with modal (14%) and rayon (28%). Full disclosure for cotton lovers, these have only 54% cotton.

The Robe

This one is my absolute favorite. The Robe is the perfect transitional piece that can be paired with jeans, dresses, or shorts. It is made with 100% Italian camel hair. The finish and stitching are perfect with no loose threads or lazy finishing.

I had to research camel hair since I had no idea about its qualities. I learned that this is the warmest wool. The camel hair also is the best at keeping away water.

The AYRsweater

The coziest sweater with a high neck. It is perfect for layering during cooler seasons. The sweater features a loose fit and is cropped in synch with the fashion's latest styles.

The Deep End

I was so excited about these shirts, although they did disappoint me. I ordered XS size seeing that they had an oversized cut. The XS was still too big. I could get away with it if I am to layer the shirt under the Robe. And the whole look was perfect. But if I am to take off the outer layer, I would feel a bit self-conscious knowing that I have a ton of extra material on my back. If only they had XXS size.

Other than my own size issue, the shirts are great. The white one is made with 100% cotton - my preferred material. The blue and white striped one featured some nylon (27%) and cotton (70%) and had a more synthetic feel.

Overall, I think AYR is the brand to watch for and know. I decided to keep the Robe and the Supercool tee. These two definitely worth the price and always 'in' style.

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