Brand Review: Alex Mill, Timeless Core Styles

I love to discover new brands, and fortunately, there is a never-ending list of exciting new brands. One of them is Alex Mill. The band focuses on essential basics that are comfortable, versatile, and timeless. Designs and materials are simple, yet all clothes share effortless chic and practical designs.

After learning about the brand and its' mission, I decided to order a few items to examine them in person.

"Timeless, not trendy, we take the core styles that every person wants, and we do something radical: We don't change them all that much. We preserve what makes them iconic so you can stop searching for that perfect, uncomplicated jacket or shirt. It's right here." Alex Mill

What I Ordered.

When I got my order, I could not wait to start trying things on. I started with a Velvet V-neck Dress ($235) and Velvet Slip Skirt ($138).

Both items were well made and fit like a glove. What I did not love were the designs.

The skirt's design was not working for me. I wish it were either wider or more form-fitting. The design was more of a mermaid look with the skirt getting fuller at the hem.

When it came to the velvet dress, I had a similar issue. The design did not work for me; the v-neck cut was too deep. The dress's skirt had excellent slit detail allowing for a full skirt.

I also ordered a Turtleneck ($118), Blazer ($268), and Shirt in Flannel Plaid ($125). All the items were just O.K. when it came to looks and fit, but I would like more fitted and tailored construction.

But I want to make a point that quality and design were of the highest standard; clothes did not work for me.

I, by no means, want to discourage you from trying out Alex Mill, but bear in mind that this style is very casual. If you like a more polished look, this might not be for you. But for people who are struggling with everyday wear and try to break away from jeans, leggings, sweatpants, or other mundane items, Alex Mill presents a range of options that will significantly improve your style.

Now, let me chat briefly about a few items I ordered for my husband.

Since my husband wears a size large, that is what I ordered. However, most of the things were tight on him. He tried on a sweater, two shirts, and a long sleeve top. I admit we loved materials and craftsmanship, but considering the price, I wished for more interesting patterns and colors.

The sweater and long sleeve top were dull. I could not pay that much money for something so ordinary. And we probably would have kept one shirt - Double Gauze Flap Pocket Shirt ($110) - if it fitted.

We also considered keeping a Heavyweight Striped T-Shirt ($78), but again ordinary color and simple look of it nudged us toward returning it as well.

Overall Impression.

Again, please do not take this the wrong way. The items, designs, and materials are superb, but this casual style did not work for me. Besides, I do not have a large shopping budget to spend that much money on simple basics. I sadly ended up returning everything.

Give them a try!



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