Benefit Cosmetics: Buy And Use With Caution

I was introduced to the Benefit cosmetics brand a few years ago when I was looking for a new eyebrow gel. For years, I have used gimme brow+ gel without trying any other Benefit products. A month ago, when I was restocking my brow gel supplies, I also decided to order a few extra items. I settled on a Lovetint lip and BadGal Bang! mascara. Since I reached some total balance in my cart, I was allowed to select a free sample item: It's potent! eye cream.

BadGal Bang! mascara

When my items arrived, the mascara was the first item I tried. I loved how the mascara was creating volume while also separating lashes. It was creating a dramatic look worthy of any occasion.

Unfortunately, It's potent! eye cream and Lovetint lip were a disaster.

Lovetint lip

One day I decided to test the tint. All-day long, I was wearing it to review how it applies and holds. I was right away disappointed with the color and hold. The color was barely noticeable. And even with a sip of water, I would lose any brightness on my lips.

Additionally, my lips felt dry at the end of the day. I had to layer thick my favorite lip balm to relieve the discomfort. I was very disappointed, and I returned the item immediately.

It's potent! eye cream

Then a few days later, I decided to try a sample of the eye cream. I should have tried it in a small area first, but sadly I did not. I applied the cream on my eyelids two nights in a row. I did not notice any improvements to skin color or texture, as it promised. What I did see was puffiness and dry wrinkly skin. I also felt little bumps under my skin. My eyes aged at least ten years. For the next few days, I could not stop talking about this horrible eye cream. The rest of the sample went into the trash.

After these unfortunate experiences, I've started to wonder about my eyebrow gel. What if it is terrible for my eyebrows? I need to try another brand's gel even though I love gimme brow+ gel.

I am not telling anyone to stop using Benefit cosmetics. But I do hope you will proceed with caution when buying it. I would also suggest testing Benefit's products on a small area first.


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