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Updated: Jul 6, 2018

When you are a mother who's every second is booked with an activity, it is hard to pay attention to style and fashion. Most mothers are in a survival mode. We want to get through a day without a child throwing up at us, burping on our t-shirts, or rubbing a dirty face on our pants. It sounds ridiculous, but that is my life. Every day consists of small battles that my child start with me. I try to ignore some but have to fight a few important ones. These critical battles come at a price. I have to chase, catch, hold tight, or dodge a toy just to get my boy to wash his hands or brush teeth. Crazy, right?

The mornings are rough. After having at least one argument with my older boy (he is three years), I need to feed, change, and dress my baby girl (she is six months). And this is not the end! After we finish upstairs, I need to rush down to the kitchen to make breakfast and get son's lunch bag ready. All of that I need to do in a timely fashion to get out of the house and make it to the office preferably not around lunch time.

I am in the office. Oh, wait! What am I wearing?! Yes, WHAT am I wearing? In the morning rush, I forgot about myself and threw on an incohesive combination. I know that I am not alone. I can easily spot other mothers in the office who ran out of their houses barely having any time to think before putting something on.

After a few unfortunate outfits, I decided to create a few templates which I could modify to create fresh looks.

Option 1. Jeans (any wash or cut) with a light sweater or dress shirt or t-shirt that can be layered. A jacket or blazer to make me look sharp. Depending on how I feel, I add flats or heels to the outfit. If I have time, I grab simple earrings, necklace, or bracelet. Accessories can be dangerous as my little one likes to pull them. Jeans + anything is such a natural look to pull off and perfect for a day or night. Whether you are in the office or chasing after your child, you will look put together.

Option 2. Knee length skirt with a sweater over a camisole or dress shirt. I prefer to wear stockings as they elevate the whole outfit. Here I can also go flats or heels. Accessories can be the same. In my case, the sweater had a lovely flower detail that I decided not to add anything.

Option 3. Wide leg black pants with a white t-shirt. Throw on a jacket to make an edgy look. This outfit is great for a weekend when I want to relax and lounge on a blanket in the park while the older one is chasing bubbles.

Option 4. Dress. I am a big fan of dresses. They come in so many different styles, cuts, and materials. I prefer knee length or longer because it is appropriate for an office, and, in case you need to bend down to grab your child, you will not be exposed. Dresses are easy to style. Put it on, and you have the top and bottom selected. Perfect! Now, add a jacket or cardigan, flats or heels, and you are ready to go.

I cannot stress enough the need for stockings. Besides perfecting any look, they provide coverage no matter what life throws at you. I somehow manage to get a few bruises by running into things while chasing my child. I also love them because they add/provide color. My legs stand out in any outfit (not in a flattering way) because they are way too pail. The story of most mothers who have no time to sunbathe.

I beg you to avoid wearing any yoga pants unless you are heading to a yoga class. Don't get me wrong, I am all for comfortable wear, but yoga pants just aren't for all-day wear. Go for relaxed fit pants or boyfriend jeans. Have fun with the fashion!


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