Autumn & Winter Color Story: How To Transition Into Warmer Clothes & Bolder Colors

Today, I thought we could talk about the winter color story, specifically how it translates into makeup and clothes. There are no rules in fashion, but sometimes I want to match the season and embrace nature's browns, reds, and purples. I want to feel the holiday cheer when pairing my wardrobe staples with holiday-inspired silvery, gold, and shimmery pieces.

Here in the Bay Area, the winter is not wintery enough. We do not get freezing temperatures or snow. We barely get rain. I feel like we are in extended fall season till the spring arrives. With that said, I still like to embrace coats, sweaters, scarves, and anything wintery in my daily life.

Fall and winter favor deeper blues, rich greens, exciting burgundies, gorgeous browns, and royal purples. There is a wide range of colors, but mostly the winter-fall pallet means deeper and richer tones.

I have a few favorite colors for the winter season, including browns, purples, and greens. I also like bright red nail polish and lipstick. And, of course, there are occasional glitters that I want to throw in to spice up a look.


Let's start with makeup. Cooler months' makeup focuses on deeper and darker shades of browns, reds, and purples. The lips become a bolder color of red with fiery orange undertones. Suddenly the overall makeup look becomes richer and more noticeable with a dash of glitter.

So if you are looking for a new wintery lipstick, you might want to set aside your summer's light pinks or soft reds. And instead, gravitate towards darker reds with rich browns, oranges, or purples undertones. My personal favorites include Lisa Eldridge, Givenchy, and Laura Mercier.

The eye shadow pallets also shift toward shimmers, glitters, deeper colors, and cooler undertones. Cooler weather and shorter daylight allow us to get away with a smoky eye look even during the day. I LOVE Lisa Eldridge's glittery Liquid Lurex eyeshadow.

Do not be afraid to experiment and introduce a few new colors to your routine. The change of season is the perfect time to explore and fall in love with new products. You might be pleasantly surprised and forever grateful that you decided to try a new shade or color.


Next, let's chat about the winter wardrobe. I do not have ample closet space, so every season, I swap clothes. I enjoy the process of switching because that allows me to audit what I have. I analyze each item and any items that I did not wear; I place them into the donation pile. Then I review what I have to assess what new items (if any) I might want to add this season. Somehow I always find what to add. Sorry, not sorry.

The majority of my winter color pallet includes whites, light browns, dark browns, deep greens, purples, blacks, and a little bit of shimmer. I also have a selection of jeans that range from light blue to black. I have a few unexpected colors that I like to mix in with the staples, like a neon green cardigan or hot pink sweater.

In my mind, the easiest way to incorporate fall colors into a wardrobe is to see what is around you. What are the colors and shades you see when you are walking outside? You might see more browns, reds, or greys, depending on your location. These clues might serve as inspiration to incorporate a few nature-inspired colors into your wardrobe.

Yes, the fall-winter colors sometimes might seem depressing, but if you go for rich colors and bolder shades, your look will be fresh, exciting, and cool. Do not be afraid to pick a rich red-brown coat every day, a bright burgundy sweater for a dinner date, or a sparkly glittery top for a holiday gathering. These colors might seem too much initially, but once you try, you will fall in love with them.

A few of my favorites this winter season:

And do not forget about accessories. A bright, bold scarf quickly adds spice to any look. A dash of sparkle in a headband will put you at ease at any holiday gathering. Even something small like colorful earrings will upgrade a wintery monochrome look.


And no matter what you decide to do or wear, select clothes you love. Do not wear a look that you think others might like. No! Select pieces that bring you joy and confidence. This is the only way to enjoy your wardrobe and your life.

Happy holidays!


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