Autumn Must-Have Pieces For Effortless Styling

The fall is here. And even if the days are still warm and sunny, the evenings are getting colder. So it is the perfect time to swap summer clothes for fall ones and check whether all the fall basics are in place.

Why are the basics essential?

"It's pretty safe to assume that we'd all rather buy an amazing, special fashion item than another boring basic. However, the fact of the matter is that truly the majority of what we wear are basics, and they rarely go out of style, so we keep them for ages." 9 Basics Everyone Forgets to Buy, According to a Personal Stylist by ALLYSON PAYER.

The basics are also very versatile and can be paired with almost anything balancing out dramatic pieces and creating polished looks.

White T-shirt

The first few items that are critical are a white shirt and a white T-shirt. I cannot imagine living without them—white pairs well with any other color, adding crispness and freshness to any look. Well ironed white T-shirt can be paired with jeans, pants, skirts, under a dress, or layered under a jacket.

White is also versatile when it comes to dressing it down or up. Pair your white tee with jeans and high heels for a perfect date night look. Or create a chill look with stylish, relaxed pants, white tee, and hiker boots paired with a fall jacket.

Essential Pant

Another essential item to nail is a pair of pants, jeans, or sweats. I am a jeans-kinda girl, so it is crucial to have classic cut straight jeans in classic blue color. I pair my beloved pair with tops, blouses, shirts, or sweaters, and they never disappoint.

There are endless options when it comes to jeans, from skinny to wide leg, from classic to distressed, and you can choose what works for your body and style. The most effortless stylish look to create is to pair skinny or straight-cut jeans with a white shirt throwing on a blazer or coat, and pairing it all with bright pumps.

Cool Knits

Since we are in the fall season, cardigans and sweaters are the key pieces to update. I love a chunky cropped cardigan. It is the perfect item to create some drama by tucking it in or wearing it half unbuttoned over a cropped top.

A classic full-length cardigan is a must-have too. Not only is it excellent at keeping me warm, but it is also a fantastic styling piece. It can easily be paired with jeans, pants, a mini skirt, or a mini dress.

Autumn Coat

And of course, we cannot forget about a classic fall or winter coat. This piece has to have an attitude, whether it is dramatic sleeves, embroidery, accents, or impeccable design - the coat must command attention.

And yes, a good fall coat is expensive. But I would suggest investing in one since it will last you at least a few seasons, if not longer. If you are on a budget and need a versatile piece, I suggest getting an ivory or camel color coat. It is easy to style, and it is a forever classic that is always in style.


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