August Favorites: Five Essential Items I Cannot Live Without

It is September! I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by. With kids at home and every weekend booked, it feels like summer was here for a split second. But the busy summer days gave us a few fantastic August favorites.

I have several items to discuss that range from clothes to skincare products. These items genuinely represent the favorites that I rely on heavily every day. And will continue to do so in the future.

*Note: This post is not sponsored. I get nothing by sharing with you my favorite products. These are truly unique items that I love and cherish, and I want to share these gems with you, my dear reader.

Thrive Causemetics Mascara

The absolute first place takes Thrive Causemetics' Lash Extensions Mascara. It is a must-have makeup item that applies smoothly without weighting down my eyelashes. It also does not smudge, flake, or irritate. Even after a sweaty workout, this mascara stays in place except for a little bit of fallout. But considering how active my exercises are, the fallout is understandable.

It is easy to apply Thrive Causemetic's mascara, and it is equally easy to take off. All you need is water, and it comes right off without leaving any dark spots or smudges. I promise this mascara will become your favorite in no time.

Rodan+Fields Dark Spot Corrector

Moving on to skincare, I recently ordered a new item from my favorite Rodan+Fields skincare brand: Targeted Dark Spot Corrector.

Let me start by saying that I do not have extreme sunspots, but I can see the sun damage on my skin because I am fair, which bothers me.

I have been using the Dark Spot Corrector for a month now, and my sunspots have started to fade. It is not a miracle; they are not gone. I still see discoloration in my skin, but the spots are fading. I will continue using it and will keep you posted on the progress.

Lights Lacquer Nail Polish

Now, let's chat about nail polish. My recent discovery is the Lights Lacquer brand that makes the most stunning nail polishes.

I purchased the Supernova trio bundle that offers three purplish shades from light to deep purple. The three colors are gorgeous and wear very well. I apply the brand's base layer, then follow up with two layers of color, and finish it off with the brand's topcoat. The manicure lasts about a week and works perfectly with my beauty routine.

Button-Down Shirt

We are moving on to clothes. My favorite clothing item is Everlane's button-down shirt. Or, if I am honest, it is three shirts. I got them in three colors: blue & white stripes, light pink, and light blue. These shirts are phenomenal for putting together a simple yet timeless look.

  • When it is cool out, I layer my shirt over a tank top or t-shirt;

  • When it is warm out, I style a shirt with jeans or a skirt fully tucked or half-tucked at the front.

Summer Bag

This next piece is not only my August favorite; it is my summer favorite. I found this handbag at the TJMaxx store by Antik Kraft.

(I could not find an online link to my bag, but you can see a photo of it above).

The bag works well with almost every summer outfit. It is also super practical. The bag is medium size that fits all my necessities and even a few children's items. There is a little zipper pouch inside that holds my valuables and smaller items. I like the round handle and the soft color. The bag is simply a summer perfection.


This concludes my list of August favorites. I hope you enjoyed this quick light post. Please feel free to share your favorite summer items in the comments. I would love to hear what your summer essentials are!

August Favorites