Are You Wearing Black All The Time? Maybe It Is Time To Try Other Colors

An all-over black look is so easy to pull off. It is elegant, stylish, and appropriate for most occasions. So it is no surprise that black has become a staple in the fashion world. But for all of its amazing qualities, the black color has its not-so-friendly features.

My closet used to be filled with black pants, tops, skirts, and dresses. I never had to worry about matching colors or needed much time to dress. Almost anything I pulled out of the closet, instantly worked together for any occasion. My black options were sliming, forgiving, and protective.

"The truth is, it's total absorption. It doesn't reflect anything. So it's protecting you from all the energy coming towards you. So it's a safe color, not because it looks good with everything, but because it actually is a safe color. It's protecting you. It's a security blanket." Angela Wright, The Beginner's Guide to Color Psychology.

I have to say there is something magical and intriguing about wearing a black cocktail dress or an evening gown. Black can easily hide in a crowd, yet pick out here and there between guests creating a sense of intrigue. One cannot help but try to follow a mystery guest in black.

As fascinating as the black color can be, it is also a color of grief and sadness. From the early days, black attire was linked to darkness, witches, death, and hell.

"Most of the gods associated with death and the underworld ... are depicted with truly black skin, and color has long been associated with both mourning and witchcraft." Kassia St. Clair, The Secret Lives of Color.

Always wearing black attire might also affect how people see you and your desire to interact with them. All-over black look creates an invisible barrier that pushes people away or makes them feel uninvited.

Back when I was in school, kids who wore black all the time scared me. I never wanted to approach them or start a conversation. I felt like they wanted to be left alone and wore black to communicate their desire not to be bothered.

I am not advocating for or against wearing black clothes. But next time you want to pull off an all-over black look, think about what you want to communicate to the outside world. Maybe add a hint of color to dilute this dominant tone.


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