Are You Using Your Back Pockets As A Purse? Three Reasons To Stop

The other day I was out grocery shopping. I was standing in line, and my eyes inadvertently scanned a person in front of me. I noticed the woman's jeans' back pockets; they were packed with a wallet and phone. (quick note: I am not here to judge, but to share my thoughts on the subject). This incident made me think about the back pockets and why we should not use them as storage.

Most of us are "guilty" of using our pants' pockets as purses to carry phones, keys, headphones, and wallets. It is the most natural gesture, in a way, to shove a phone into a back pocket to free up our hands. I cannot count how many times I would place my phone into my jeans' back pocket.

Why do I do it?

My phone is always on me to text, take photos, review emails, answer calls, etc. It has become an extension of me that I cannot let go of. (This sounds like I need help!) So whenever I need to free up my hands, I slide the phone into my back pocket.

Forgetting my dependence for a second, let's think about why using my back pockets might not be the best practice.

Consider Esthetics

Walking around with full pockets does not look sexy, classy, or put together. The stuffed pockets come across as sloppy and unorganized. People's attention then focuses on your uneven behind instead of fabulous you.

Consider Risks

Practically it is risky. If you need to sit down, you have to take everything out of your pockets. Leaving your valuables in the open in a cafe, restaurant, or park could be a risky move.

Then there is a small chance you could forget a thing or two when you get up to leave.

Consider Wear And Tear

Have you ever noticed that some back pockets have an outline in a shape of a phone or wallet? Sometimes there is also a small hole in the corner where a wallet is pressed against the pants' material.

Carrying items in your pockets ruin the shape of a garment and stretches out the material. Then if the pocket is suddenly empty, the fabric will look saggy and sad. Who wants sad behind?!

With all of these considerations in mind, I think the smart move is to stay away from using our back pockets as a primary form of carrying our items. There are thousands of purse options, from small to large, from cheap to expensive. Not only will your outfit benefit from an accessory, but your clothes will no longer be under unnecessary stress.

It easy for a woman to solve the pockets problem. I understand that it is harder for men to figure it out. I would suggest the following:

  • reduce the size of a wallet and the number of things in it. A few years ago, I bought my husband a small wallet that fits two cards and an ID. He loves it because it is slim and slick;

  • reduce the number of keys you are carrying;

  • wear a blazer or jacket with pockets to carry a phone and other items.


And no matter how you decided to utilize your back pockets, I hope you find what works for you without compromising comfort and style.


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