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My latest adventure took me to the Anthropologie store. I had never shopped this brand before, as I thought it was overpriced with clothing being too colorful, odd, and loaded with patterns. But my friend convinced me to give it a try, and so I did. I will share with you my observations, thoughts, and whether I changed my mind about the brand.

The page "Our Story" says that the store brand was founded in 1992, and now there are over 200 stores. The brand supposed to cater to

"creative, educated and affluent 30-45-year-old women."

Strange. I always thought it was a store for 20ty-year-olds because most items are tight-fitting, short, and bold.

Besides, each time I happened to pass by the store or walk-in, all I saw were the younger women and girls that were shopping the latest trends. There are not as many classic pieces that one can wear to work or an official function. Older women need to project confidence, style, and power, not hipstery vibes begging for attention.

As I was browsing the website, I noticed lots of items that were overly patterned, over the top bright/bold, and odd at times. As I was making my selection, I tried to pick things that fit my style and age. I went for timeless pieces that can be easily styled or incorporated into various stylish looks.

My Order.

When I got my order, I wanted to love every piece, but I could not. Many items that I ordered were made with synthetic materials. They looked cooler on the photos than "in person." Also, I noticed that a few brands could be found at T.J.Maxx for cheaper, e.g., Cloth & Stone top that was priced at $90. Most pieces were underwhelming considering: cheap materials, boring designs, and an average fit.

I ordered a good selection of items to create different looks, including a dress, two pants, three jackets, and a few tops. I tried to get versatile pieces that can be worked into an existing wardrobe as well as on their own. Check out the Visions page for styling idea.

Jeans are priced at $130.00, the average price for jeans assuming they do not lose their fit and color. They were one of my favorites out of the whole bunch. I did not keep them as they were a bit tight for my liking. Being a mother of two kids, I need to be careful with tight clothing. They were made with 75% cotton, 24% polyester, and 1% spandex. Made in China. These jeans are very tight, so be careful if you are a curvy type. I suggest going for wide-leg pants instead of these. Check out Lou & Grey pants.

The jacket was priced at $199.00. This jacket is a classic white denim jacket - nothing special. I expected it to be more fitting, but it was loose on me - I should have sized down. It is made with 70% cotton and 30% rayon. Made in China. I would not recommend buying it as I don't think it is worth the price tag. You can get a classic denim jacket at T.J.Maxx or another store on sale for cheaper.

The tee was priced at a crazy price of $228.00. I was shocked and curious when I saw a price tag, so I ordered it. When it came, I was further surprised as the tee did not look rich, the fit was average, and it did not WOW me. One explanation I can see for such high price tag is that the tee has 8% cashmere in it, but still, the tee does not worth the money. The tee is made with 92% cotton, 8% cashmere. Made in China. The price is crazy! Check out cheaper and better Everlane sweaters.

The dress was priced at $140.00. I love floral dresses, but this did not do it for me. The waistline was very low, the dress was not fitted, but maybe it is the design. I also did not like the neckline. Made with viscose. Made in China. The dress requires dry cleaning. Check out Ann Tylor dresses.

The cami was priced at $78.00. The top runs large - size down. I was not happy with the length or fit. Again, it looked good on the photos but disappointing in person. The cami is made with viscose, lyocell. Made in China. Not worth the money.

The blazer is priced at $130.00. I had high hopes for this one. It looked very fresh and exciting in the photos. Again, in person, the jacket did not look as impressive. There was no lining, it was thin, and made with cheap-looking material. It is made from polyester and spandex (no breakdown info). Made in China. The jacket requires dry cleaning. I would not recommend spending money on it. Try out Zara blazers, they have linings, exciting designs and are form-fitting.

Priced at $98.00; I would not buy it. It is a one-time clutch that you most likely will use a few times, at most. Made with cotton, polyurethane, and polyester lining.

The jacket is priced at $140. I ordered it to spice up the looks, but again I do not think it is worth the money. It was made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Again, check out T.J.Maxx for better-priced denim jackets.

The shirt is light and a little bit see-through. It is also very long. In my video, I tied it up to create a cropped look. I think it is a nice shirt but not for $164.00. The shirt is made with cotton. Since it is not organic cotton, it is strange that it costs that much. You can do better.

The pant is a perfect deep navy color that can work with most colors and patterns. It is priced at $130. It has a belt as a front detail. I like them but the design was a little bit off. They were not as tight as I would like them to be around the crotch area. These are made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Considering the fit and material, I can see how they can cost $130, yet you can find similar pants for cheaper.

The top is a perfect summer piece that is versatile and practical. It is priced at $90, which is a bit much for a basic top. Also, Cloth & Stone brand very often shows up at T.J.Maxx at a significant discount.


Overall, I think Anthropologie overprices many of its items relaying on their faithful followers. The brand does not curate enough eco-friendly brands. I saw mostly synthetic materials being shipped from China. There are also hundreds of choices that encourage continuous consumption.

The verdict is in. My initial feelings about the brand/store were correct. Most items (unless on sale) are overpriced. Clothing caters to younger women/girl population, providing just a few things that are appropriate for office and client meetings. The brand also promoted fast fashion with a crazy number of options! I would not recommend shopping there.

Check out all the ways I styled the purchased items on Instagram :D


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