Add Spring To Your Step With This Season's Must-Have Item: White Blazer

I am very excited that it is getting warmer, and very soon, I will put away my cashmere sweaters. The spring season means bright colors, lovely dresses, and of course, fresh additions to my wardrobe. And I think I found the first perfect piece. It is highly versatile, practical, effortless, and instantly upgrades any look. The magical item is the light cream double-breasted blazer.

I am biased when it comes to blazers - I think they are absolute must-haves. There is nothing else that transforms a simple look into a chic outfit with one quick move!

I have a preference for a classical cut blazer that is a bit oversized and hits me mid-thigh. It is perfect for a day-time weekend look, offering just enough structure but still have a relaxed feel. It is also great for a warm night-out outfit worn over a colorful dress or a maxi skirt.

Pro Tip: If you want to add more drama and style to your look, wear your blazer on your shoulders without putting your arms through the sleeves.

Finding A Quality Blazer

Keep in mind that a good-quality blazer could last you years. Check that the blazer has a lining, good stitching, pockets, and well-made lapels. The buttons must be securely attached, and no thread should be hanging out.

Yes, a good-quality blazer will probably be more expensive than a similar lower-quality item. But it is worth the money!

A well-crafted blazer will become irreplaceable and dear to you. Every time you put it on, its magic will transform your look into a stylish ensemble.

Styling Your Blazer

There are no limits to what can be paired with a white/cream blazer. Its neutral color works well with other colors and patterns. Think about the blazer as a white canvas, and you can add and style it however you want. It takes nothing away yet adds some much class.

The blazer will work well with jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses. I cannot think of an instance where a classic cut blazer would ruin an outfit.

However, when you dress, keep in mind how bulky all the pieces are in your look. If a blazer is oversized, you should retain shape and structure under the blazer. Without the form, a look could become shapeless and unattractive.

A few ways to add structure to your look:

  • wear a belt

  • wear a fitted top or bottoms

  • tuck in a top

  • roll up sleeves

  • add a necklace

  • accentuate the waistline

I believe a great piece has the power to transform a look and put extra spring in your step. Never underestimate the power of a well-putt-together look. A great ensemble can lift spirits, put smiles on faces, stir positive emotions, and create exciting possibilities.


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