Abi's Guide: What I Do NOT Wear & Why

Hello, Friends!

As you might have noticed, most social media posts feature beautiful clothes, exciting silhouettes, and impossible-to-wear designs. And while I enjoy these photos, I never forget that they are not real life. As impressive as some of these looks and clothes are, they are not for everyday life. At least not my life.

In today's post, I will share my thoughts on particular styles and clothes and why I do not wear/style them.

Why don't I like them? Well, a simple answer is they do not work for me. Instead of giving me joy and confidence, they complicate my life and provide little value.

If you are curious to learn what these things are, keep reading, and let's dive right in.

Biker Shorts

The biker shorts trend is not for me. I know it has been around for a few seasons now, and most IT girls love to rock this style. But the second I lay my eyes on an outfit with biker shorts, I get confused. Is a person going to a gym, or just hopped off their bike, or dressed with their eyes closed?

And while I see an appeal of combining biker shorts with high heels and an oversized blazer. The look is not practical for my lifestyle. I do not feel comfortable going out to dinner or picking up my child in such a look. Wearing biker shorts will add more stress to my days, and I don't need that.

Biker shorts are an easy NO for me. Thank you, Next!

Yoga pants

Yoga pants... Oh, how tired I am of you. How did you escape sweaty workout halls and yoga studios?

I understand the appeal of comfy, sexy, and easy-to-wear yoga pants. But they cannot be the answer to our daily question - what do I wear today?

What we wear tells stories to the world about who we are. Why do we reduce ourselves to sloppy, sweaty gym-inspired looks when we can show the world how vibrant, engaging, and fun we are?

I prefer to wear wide-leg jeans, skirts, and dresses - they inspire, encourage, and give me confidence.

Going Braless

OK, a no bra situation gives me shivers and not the nice kind. I feel self-conscious, insecure, and exposed. And I'm not too fond of these feelings.

I prefer to wear a bra with a little bit of padding. A great bra does not have to be fancy or expensive or have a complicated design. My favorite everyday bra is a simple nude bra with no details, but it is supportive, and most importantly, it gives me confidence.

Socks with sandals

The socks and sandals trend is another brain teaser for me. What are we doing? Trying to keep our feet clean? Then wear closed-toe shoes. Are we trying to make a statement? Wear statement stockings. And if you want to wear sandals? Wear just sandals.

Designer Labels

Designer labels obsession is another trend that I do not appreciate. I sure love an excellent designer pump (Manolo's) or dress (Chanel). But I can't entirely agree with buying labels for the sake of a label.

There is a difference between a unique item created by a craftsmanship expert and a mass-produced styleless item with a designer label. And while I am not judging anyone here - to each their own. I steer clear of brands that monetize solely on their recognizable name.


And that is my list! It is short and sweet, but I hope it gave you something to think about. If you have any styles or trends you do not follow, feel free to share in the comment. I would love to hear from you!