My latest shopping spree - foolproof items to add to your closet

It feels like it has been a while since I shared my latest additions to my wardrobe.

December is known for holidays, but it is also famous for its sales. All the stores including online retailers have sales, more sales, and sales on sale items. We are bombarded with sales ads online and in stores to make us buy more than we will ever need. December is also a month when work slows down (at least in my office) allowing me to spend my freed schedule shopping for new exciting items.

My first "stop" was at my favorite Ted Baker. Its website has many more options, and that is where I went. I got a lovely black sparkly sweater with 1/3 sleeves. I loved it the second I took it out of the box. It looks like a dark sky with stars and a moon (moon accessory came with it). I instantly imagined all the ways it can be worn: with skinny jeans, a tight skirt, or over a full-length dress. Perfect! The second item was a camisole with, what looked to me like, a dreamy starry print. I adore it as well. It can be perfect for work under a jacket or a night out with some skinny jeans. Almost any camisole is an ideal piece that transitions well from day to night.

My second actual stop was at Lou & Grey. The store is known for casual comfortable clothing. Many pieces are tailored for the Californian style of comfortable wear that is hip and young. Sometimes though I feel like the store targets specifically a younger generation with their bold cutouts and clingy material. But I did find a lovely lime color sweater that was perfect for my busy mom-life: weekend runs and outings with children. I also grabbed a super soft grey sweater that can be worked into many off-duty outfits.

My third stop was at Stuart Weitzman. I've wanted new pairs of office shoes for a long time now: natural and black colors. My feet grew by half a size after two pregnancies and I needed to get new shoes. SW had a fantastic sale, and I scored two pairs for about $350 total - these shoes worth the money! Black pair will work great in the office or a courthouse. The light pink pair was also a very neutral color and can be easily worked into many of my office outfits.

I also went online to check out Hanna Anderson sales to get a few things for my children. The store had a big end of the year sale that I could not ignore. Their clothing is of such high quality with exciting and fun designs. Way better than what you find on Amazon or at Target and such. Their items last a long time and are designed that the child does not outgrow an item in a few months. For a few hundred dollars, I got my older boy a few things for the next year: hoodie, long and short sleeve shirts; and for my little girl: a few tops, stockings, and a Wonderwoman skirt! I was more excited about the skirt than she is!

After buying all the items above, I thought I was done with this shopping spree. I was heading back to my car when I noticed Vince store which of course had a sale going on. I knew that the store had good quality items but also knew how expensive it was. I am not even sure why I walked in, but I did. I went straight for the sales racks there is no chance I can afford the full priced item. I picked up a few things to try on. The cut, material, and craftsmanship were beautiful. First thing I tried was a dark blue dress. The color was not bright, but it stood out. The dress was assembled interestingly with diagonal stitching at the front. It was simple but elegant, noticeable but did not scream - right up my alley. The second item that I wanted to keep was a bronze color flowy skirt. I loved how the skirt shimmered and moved while I cat-walked in front of the mirror.

All and all this was a good and expensive shopping spree. I promised myself not to shop for at least a few months. Lets so how long I will last considering that I am eyeing a pair of new Tieks flats ;) If you never heard of Tieks - check out their website. These are the most comfortable ballet flats you will find. Also, they have an amazing color selection for any outfit or mood.

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