2019 Fall/Winter Fashion: The Must-Know Trends Of The Upcoming Season & How To Style Them

The beginning of a fashion season is marked with excitement, fresh ideas, risk-taking, bold statements, and fashion weeks. From fashion-savvy people to significant fashion houses fashion week is the chance to showcase one's works. Each designer has an individual take on the next season's trends with the latest head-turning looks. And even though, they all seem different, there are overlapping trends that can be traced across most designs' works. In this post, I will try to unpack fall/winter 2019/2020 fashion trends while offering practical tips for the everyday lives of an ordinary woman.

Summer is coming to an end. And as much as I love colorful summer dresses, it is time to start thinking about fall and winter. What is where to think about, you ask? Well, for starters, wardrobe inventory. The end of summer is the perfect time to review all the fall/winter items I have. I pull everything out to review: fit, quality, and styling potential.

After I finish the review, I create a list of items I would like to add to my closet. Do I need a new cardigan, sweater dress, skirt, or a pair of boots? And undoubtedly, I will find at least one gap - usually many more. Shopping is justified!

We got off the course of talking about fashion trends, you say. No, we did not. Reviewing your closet and identifying gaps are the initial steps of a smart, conscientious wardrobe. Now that I know what I need or more like what I want, I can start thinking about fashion trends.

Side note, I am not a fashion trend follower. I have my style, and I buy items that work for me. Knowing what the trends are is helpful to broaden my horizon, give me fresh ideas, deepen my knowledge about up-and-coming designers.

Without further ado, let's see what designers have to offer us for the upcoming fall/winter season. I reviewed a few articles, including Harper's Bazaar article, 10 Fall 2019 Trends to Know From the Runways by Nicole-Fritton.

I will not be covering all the trends, just the ones that stood out to me.

2019/2020 Fashion Trends.

Dark Romance.

The trend that I adore and that fits my style 100% is DARK ROMANCE. The idea is to place any flower print/pattern/abstract onto a dark background creating dramatic designs. The looks are feminine, delicate, romantic, yet the dark background gives it an edge. Darker colors are also better suited for fall and winter. As much as I think I am not a follower, I will be getting a few things that match the description of DARK ROMANCE.

If you follow me, you know that I love flower prints. I have dresses, tops, sweaters, and shoes with flowery patterns. And I never get bored with them. There is something about flowers that makes me smile, brings me joy, and never gets boring.

If you are wondering how to incorporate dark romance into your wardrobe, then here are a few ideas. A simple start would be a top or skirt with a limited flower print that does not overwhelm but instead has a subtle presence. If you are comfortable with extensive patterns, I suggest you go for a dress with a small delicate flower pattern - walking a piece of art you will be!

Animal Prints.

Animal print is always present in fall/winter collections. This season designers focused on a leopard print. I am not a massive fan of animal prints, but if you are, you should go ahead and invest. Why? Because leopard print is always trendy. Every year it shows up on runways, and thus you will be able to wear this print for seasons to come. It is a fall/winter staple that will never go out of style.

An easy way to incorporate leopard print is shoes. Most designers have fall heels, botties, or mules in animal print. I have heard that it is the new neutral and can be worn with just about anything.


Another trend that appears on runways is delicate lace. It is incorporated into dresses, skirts, blazers, and tops - nothing is off-limits. Lace is a perfect addition that breaks up dense patterns and adds softness to any look.

I do not like lace, maybe it is an old way of thinking, but lace is never edgy in my mind. Every time I try something with lace, I do not like how it looks on me; I think it ages me.

If lace works for you and your style, grab a dressy shirt that sports some lace. There are dresses with lace accents, either heavily or lightly incorporated. I have seen several slip skirts with lace trimmings. If you love it, go for it!


Tweed is back, yet again. Every fall/winter season, just like animal prints, tweed shows up on many runways. There are a few good things about tweed. It is practical, warm, and perfect for the winter season. It is always on-trend, so if you buy tweed, you will be stylish for many years to come - fashion trends do repeat themselves.

An easy way to add tweed to your closet is to get a tweed blazer or skirt. There are also tweed dresses, but I think they look cumbersome. Just keep in mind, it is a dense and warm material. You might notice you are getting hot wearing it inside. But as a layering item, tweed blazer is the essential fall piece.

Honorary mentions.

A few honorary mentions, but I will not go into details. These are very self-explanatory and rather dull trends.


Neon colors were popular on runways. I am not a fan of bright neons for fall and winter. But maybe the idea is to lift one's spirits wearing brights during a grey fall/winter season.

If you need some "sunshine" during fall/winter season, incorporate some of your spring/summer items with bright neon details.

Utility, Suits & Military

Military and utility styles, as well as suits, dominated a few runways in response to social changes. The strength and power are meant to represent a powerful woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and no longer afraid to voice her desires and opinions.

I have several suits, and wearing them does make me feel stronger and more prominent. And honestly, looking bigger mentally helps me to stand my ground when I am in a room full of men. There is something about shoulder pads, loud patterns, and sharp lines that help me voice my opinions with confidence.


So here we have a short but informative summary of 2019/2020 fall/winter trends. You can follow a few trends or none. I will most certainly not judge you! Stay true to your style and trust your sixth sense when it comes to shopping.

  • Dark romance: romantic clothing with an edge

  • Animal prints: energetic, bold patterns to stand one's ground

  • Lace: soft, delicate details in winter outfits

  • Tweed: classic never goes out of style

Be mindful of your budget and priorities. Trends and fashion should not put you in debt or max out your credit card. You need to be honest with yourself and know where your financial boundaries are. Fashion and wardrobe need to work for you - not the other way around.

Happy styling,



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