Do you like the idea of experimenting with color but not sure how to mix and match colors? If yes, I have a simple solution that will introduce you to color - create monochrome looks! This is the perfect way to add color to your wardrobe rotation. Select one color and then add in different shades of that color. I promise you, you cannot ever go wrong with this option! 

Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater is a perfect piece for fall & winter seasons. You can wear it by itself adding a coat or blazer on top. Or layer the sweater over a t-shirt, shirt, or dress. Invest in a good quality sweater in neutral colors, and it will become your best friend. 

Invest In A Good Face Sirum

It is never too early to start taking care of your face. This is especially true during a colder season when our faces are exposed to wind, cold, rain, or snow. Recently I have started to use Rodan+Fields' active hydration serum and I am loving it! Try R+D serum or another brand but do NOT neglect your skin. 

Wear What You Love

Wear things that you LOVE - do not settle for anything less because (1) you will not wear it more than once; (2) you will feel like you wasted money; (3) it will be taking up precious space in your closet. 

Fall Essentials: A Blazer

Is it too hot for a knit dress but too cold for a summer dress? An easy solution is to add a blazer. Pair your favorite summer looks with a jacket or blazer to stay warm and be ever stylish. 

Well-Made T-Shirt Is A Must 

Well-made and perfectly fit t-shirt is a must. It is a necessary staple item of any wardrobe whether you prefer a casual or dressy style. White or navy t-shirt will add class, chic, and an edge to your look; wear it with a skirt, jeans, pants, shorts or overalls. And do not forget to add a necklace to complete a look. 

Summer Hat

A hat is an essential piece of one's wardrobe during summertime or anytime when the sun is shining bright. A hat protects your skin from unwanted sun exposure keeping your face looking younger for longer. I know you are applying expensive lotions to that face and go for facials, so don't waste that effort and get that hat!

Add A Top

Do you have dresses that you love but the V-neck line goes too far to be work-appropriate? Do not worry. Select a simple top and wear it under your dress. Problem solved; plus, you look more stylish pulling off these two items together. 

White Sneakers

A must-have staple of any trendy woman is a white sneaker. You can wear them with jeans, skirt, shorts, or dress - there are no limits. They are classic and, most importantly, comfortable. 

Winter Hats

If you do not have a stylish winter hat, think again. The perfect wide brim winter hat is a must. Invest in one in neutral colors: black, sand, or camel. I recently discovered Janessa Leone Brand and I love her hats! If you ever have a free second, check it out (if only to look).

Tights Are A Must

Great quality tights are a must for a fall/winter season. Not only do they keep you warm, but they add another layer to your outfit. Select classics or go bold, up to you! One thing for sure, you will be rocking the most stylish look. 

Shop End Of Season Sales

End of season sales are the perfect time to stock up on classics and basics at cheaper prices: a light weather coat, winter coat, maxi summer skirt, or perfect summer dress. 

Dress & Sneakers

Dresses and sneakers are the perfect match and an ideal option for a busy woman who is always on her feet. Do not think that you have to wear heels with a dress. No! White or light-colored pastel sneakers work with EVERY dress or skirt. 

Wash Your Face Every Night

Very often we don't think much about our faces but they are exposed to sun, cold, wind, makeup, and pollution. Face's delicate skin experiences rough treatments every day and thus needs help. The most important step is washing one's face daily before bed. Removing any makeup or day's worth particles from your face goes a long way in maintaining young-looking skin.

Accessories Add Dimension 

I love accessories and wear bold statement or minimalist pieces depending on an occasion. If you like to draw attention, check out BaubleBar jewelry (T.J. Maxx has many items on sale). For minimalists, check out Mejury jewelry for everyday luxury. 

Tuck It In

Tuck is essential and makes a world of difference. Whenever you can, tuck in top, blouse or shirt. Your looks will get an instant upgrade with a simple trick of a tuck

Magical Pearls

Pearls are timeless. Adding them to any outfit will instantly polish your look and transport you into Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Advice posts are short to the point styling tips that I've learned through the years. The posts are meant to be informative yet short to save time and encourage reading. Happy styling, ladies!

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